If you have travelled on a plane, you know that flight sickness is a common thing during flights. You also know how much it can spoil someone’s experience throughout the whole journey. In as much as it is a natural thing to have flight sickness, there are things that toss up the chances of such motion sickness. One of them is the food you eat just before or during the flight. You’ve heard of the saying that we are what we eat? It applies here more than ever. The question is, what should you eat to avoid or at least reduce motion sickness in your next flight? Or what should you avoid eating?

Eat what you know

This is the first rule of the game. Do not try out new things on your flight day or on the plane. You will try out the new foods on arrival, but not on the plane. New foods may even cause some allergic reactions that you were never aware you had. The last thing you would want on the plane is an allergic reaction along with motion sickness. You might end up hating travelling for the rest of your life.

Carry your own approved snacks if possible

Some airlines allow the passengers to carry some snacks through the flight. This could be a very good option for you take advantage of. This is because you will have the chance to eat what you are used to eating, and of course to eat some fresh food.

Pre-order before the flight

Again this is not available in all airlines, but some allow their passengers to make pre-orders twenty-four hours before the flight. This allows you to eat the food of your choice, food that you know.

Drink a lot of water

Dehydration is another catalyst for motion sickness. You can never go wrong with fresh water, preferably cold. Water keeps your body well hydrated, and increases the flow of blood in your system. In addition, water has a way of reducing nausea, a common symptom of motion sickness. Water is life!

Avoid foods or drinks that increase dehydration

Such foods are too salted and spiced meals. If possible, avoid salt during your flight. Alcoholic drinks will also increase dehydration. It is a common practice to order for wine during your flight. It feels more relaxing. However, too much of it will ruin your whole journey. Wait until after the flight for you to partake as much as you want.